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The Holy Scripture - The Writings

The Writingsכּתוּבים Ketuvim contain eleven books:

Psalms - תּהלים Tehilim

Proverbs of Solomon - משׁלי Mishlei

Job - איוֹב Iyov

Song of Songs - שׁיר השׁירים Shir hashirim

Ruth - רוּת Rut

Lamentations of Jeremiah - איכה Eikha

Ecclesiastes - קהלת Kohelet

Ester - אסתר Ester

Daniel - דניאל Daniel

Ezra and Nehemiah - עזרא וּנחמיה Ezra uNekhemyah

Chronicle Books I and II - דברי הימים א׳ וב׳ Divrei hayamim Alef veBet

The content of these books are:

The Psalms תּהלים Tehilim are religious songs, hymns and prayers.

The Proverbs of Solomon משׁלי Mishlei are wise and moral lessons.

The book of Job איוֹב Iyov is a poetic historical story that describes the inscrutability of God's ways. The hero of this story is the suffering Job.

The Song of Songs שׁירה שׁירים Shir hashirim is an allegorical poem about the love of God to the people of Israel.

The Book of Ruth רוּת Rut contains an enlightening story.

Lamentations of Jeremiah איכה Eikha is the story in which Jeremiah laments over destruction of the Temple and the exile of the Judeans.

Ecclesiastes קהלת Kohelet is a contemplation over the pettiness of earthly happiness.

Ester אסתר Ester is the story of the life of Judean deportees in the Persian kingdom.

Daniel דניאל Daniel is a biography of Daniel and his prophecies.

The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah עזרא וּנחמיה Ezra uNekhemyah describe the restoration of the Temple and the deliverance of the Judeans from the seventy year long Babylonian exile.

The Books Chronicle I and II דברי הימים א׳ וב׳ Divrei hayamim Alef veBet is a genealogy of the human race and the chronicle of the kings of Israel and Judah.