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The Holy Scripture - The Law


As was mentioned earlier, the Holy Scripture consists of three parts: The Law - Torah תּוֹרה, The Prophets - Neviim נביאים and The Writings Ketuvim כּתוּבים. Now we will explain in detail what these individual parts contain.

A) The Law - Torah  תּוֹרה

The Torah (Law) consists of the five books of Moses.

The First book of Moses - Genesis - ספר בּראשׁית Sefer Bereshiit tells about the creation of the World, about the life of the first people, about the the Flood, about the division of nations, about the choice of Abraham, and about his wanderings and his life, about the life of his son Isaac, about the life of his grandson Jakow and about the lives of the 12 sons of Jakow before resettlement into Egypt.

The Second book of Moses - Exodus - שׁמוֹת Shemot - The book of Exodus is about the slavery of the people of Israel in Egypt, about their liberation and about the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. The second book of Moses also includes civil and criminal laws, the commandment to build Tabernacle and the plan of the Tabernacle and other regulations.

The Third book of Moses - Leviticus - ויקרא / תּוֹרת כּהנים Vayikra / Torat Kohanim contains regulations in the matter of sacrifices and offerings, feasts and some other laws. The reward for observing God's Law and the punishment for the violation of God's Law is also in this book.

The Fourth book of Moses - Numbers - בּמדבּר Bemidbar contains lists of the a Israelite tribes and their numbers and it tells us about their forty years of wandering in the desert. This book also tells us about the punishments for various offenses and tells about the battles that the Israelites fought during their wanderings with some pagan nations.

The Fifth book of Moses - Deuteronomy - דּברים / משׁנה תוֹרה Mishne Tora / Devarim contains a overview of the laws of Moses. The Fifth book of Moses tells about the conquest of Transjordania and about the distribution of the land between the tribes of Reuven, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh. This book contains Moses' song and finally Moses' blessing to the people of Israel, which he made before his death.